Barbing salon business plan in nigeria africa

But for those intending on creating a sustainable business that will not only create wealth but employment as well then knowing how to set up a profitable business is the way to go.

You must have tried different clippers during your training to enable you know the very best to go for. A good business name helps you spread like wide fire in little or no time. Make sure you do your personal research on where to acquire your barbing skill as it is very important.

Once the legal basis for unions has been established there major event help in the repaid growth of trade unionism in that they gave a sense of oneness to all the workers and encourage them to act closer.


This led the Railway union to demand for a cost of Living award Working skills and development: Name and slogan for your salon Your name and Slogan is very important. Challenges The problem of electricity supply and having fuel for generating sets to power the barbing salon is the obvious challenge.

Industrial Conflicts in Nigeria

So if a barber can get at least 10 clients each day over a 30 day period he can earn at least 60, Naira. It could be your last name, first name, or even your Nick name.

The labour decree ofprovides that when a worker joins a company, the employer, must provide him not later than three months with certain particulars which include: From calculations, an average man can spend as low as Naira at the hair salon monthly.

While in school college or university, polytechnic, college of educationyou will have or be provided the opportunity to learn a study on a vocational skill and entrepreneurship study, in which a technical manual will be provided for purchase for those interested in the line of business.

But more importantly is the opportunity to make a lot of money from being exceptionally professional and organized, word spreads fast and with barbing excellent referrals from customers can do a lot of good in terms of winning patronage and increasing sales. To do that you must become trained and qualified.

For example, I know that most cement distributors do not deliver on time. You can consider what you are popularly know as or called as your business name. This business plan will go a long way to help ascertain the following: And you can even charge an extra fee to deliver at their door step.

The backup principle is very important due to malfunctioning of equipments or wearing out of some part of the equipment at odd times, you must always have a spare for each of your gadgets because of efficient time management of your customer and yourself also, we all know how one can earn a bad reputation for delaying your customer due to the malfunction of an essential equipment.

How to Start a barbershop (barbing salon) in Nigeria: [Things you need to know]

So before we go any further, let me answer the questions mentioned above. Post the price list boldly on the wall where customers can easily see.

Similar disputes which resulted into strike by large section of the banking industry and by the electricity workers have paralysed the nation economic activities. Owners of cassava farm are smiling to the bank every now and then because according to FAOSTAT, cassava is the third most consumed crop in the country.

Now there are two ways one can partner with Dangote:ALSO READ Standard Barbing Salon Business Plan in Nigeria PDF / Feasibility Study Manual Why You Should Start A Cosmetic Business In Nigeria Today knowing how profitable the cosmetic business in nigeria can be a very motivation factor and why you should stat a.


How to Start a Cement Business in Nigeria

Updated on April 23, olayemi tolulope. you can book your reservation for 2nd Annual seminar on Running a Successful Salon Business in Nigeria. Date: sat 8th of march, pls i need a business plan for a standard barbing saloon located at Lagos nig,aojiru-repo.coms: This sample barbing salon business plan in Nigeria can be used for government and non – government business grant applications, for bank loan applications, for writing business proposals, to write business concept notes, for business grant competitions, other competitions, and so on.

Jonpaul's men's salon business plan executive summary. Jonpaul's is an upscale old-world gentleman's barber shop offering premium grooming services and products. To learn more about this booming business and find out barbing salon business plan in Nigeria, continue reading this article.

A barber is one who cuts, shaves, grooms, and styles hair.


This job is not just limited to males as women too have become interested in this line of work. Plantain Farming Business Plan in Nigeria / Feasibility Study Nigeria is blessed when it comes to agriculture and that is one reason why agribusiness is one of the most profitable business in the country.

Plantain farming can turn you into a millionaire but all you need is .

Barbing salon business plan in nigeria africa
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